Side By Side Practical Training Course

This is an in-house based practical assessment which can be overseen by an owner, manager, SmartHS qualified assessor or competent representative of the farm or property, who have themselves completed the SmartHS course they intend to assess.  The assessor must be competent on the equipment he/she is assessing.

It is highly recommended anyone who wishes to assess this practical course completes the SmartHS Assessors Course.
This resource enables you to help your team to learn where and when two foot driving can be used and why most hills don't need it.
Watch a couple of graphic videos of rollovers that went badly wrong for the victim, this can happen to anyone.
Learn some trailer reversing tips then have transmission and suspensions explained along with how to avoid frozen brakes, TCLOC checks, some legal stuff and much more.
Test your knowledge then have a crack at the practical drive examples.
Successful candidates will receive a certificate for company training records plus a lifetime proof of their completed course online.
You can then demonstrate safe operating workplace practices, as required by the Health and Safety at Work (HSW) Act 2015.

You can refer to the training material 24 hrs a day to consolidate your knowledge and use for refresher training to keep up to date with changes at no extra cost.

Side by Side Training

Side By Side Practical Training Course

By Side Practical Training Course

$350.00+GST per person

The following study materials are available when you purchase this course:-

Side X Side Practical Assessment
Practical Assessment for safe operation of a Side X Side

Demonstrate you can implement the skills you have learned in the Side X Side Training Course

Side x Side Health and Safety
Understand your health and safety responsibilities

Health and Safety info for your Side X Side course

The following assessments are available when you purchase this course:-

Side by Side - Practical Assessment

Demonstrate the ability to apply the skills learned in the online assessment