SmartHS Qualified Assessor Training Course

People who gain competency with this training course are able to prepare for and conduct assessments against SmartHS coursework

Assessment materials include the assessment criteria, assessor record and observer assessment checklist.

The assessor will check that the student can perform the skills and has the knowledge, attitude and behaviour necessary to meet the requirements of the assessment.

Your job as an assessor is to gather sufficient evidence on a person’s skill and knowledge so you can make a judgement on his or her competency, measured against the performance criteria.

You can only use this qualification for assessing SmartHS coursework and you must be competent on the equipment you are assessing, this may be years of experience or you may be an approved workplace assessor, but remember you should not be assessing a person on a piece of equipment you are not competent yourself.


You must want to help people with their career decisions and this involves being able to get on with the people in your industry.  

You must know the SmartHS coursework

You should be proficient in the tasks you will use in your assessing. 

You must have proven experience to assess against the chosen machine or

Be an accredited assessor

As part of your assessment, you will be observed by someone who will have vast experience on the piece of equipment you will be assessing, or may already be an approved workplace assessor.  This observer assessment forms part of your assessment and must be completed as part of the SmartHS Trained Assessor qualification.  A copy of this completed record will be sent to SmartHS.


SmartHS Qualified Assessor Training Course

Qualified Assessor Training Course

$395.00+GST per person

The following study materials are available when you purchase this course:-

Motorbike Training Practical Assessment
View the information needed to complete your practical assessment

There are two practical assessments to complete in the motorbike training course. Download the documents from this page and contact your assessor when you are ready to schedule your practical.

Quad bike Study Practical Assessment
Information for your practical assessment for your Quad bike training

Demonstrate your knowledge of the required skills for safe operation of a Quad bike

Side X Side Practical Assessment
Practical Assessment for safe operation of a Side X Side

Demonstrate you can implement the skills you have learned in the Side X Side Training Course

Tractor Study Practical Assessment
Download the resources for your tractor practical assessment

Demonstrate your knowledge of operating a tractor based on the information from your tractor course

Assessor Training Module One
Understand the principles of assessment

This module gives you the base principles used when performing assessments on other people

Assessor Training Module Two
Communication skills for Assessors

Understand the unique communication requirements for assessors, this section helps you make sure the candidate is at ease and able to understand what you need them to do to demonstrate their skills.

Assessor Training Module Three
Understand the activities for assessments

SmartHS provides a series of activities designed to demonstrate competence in conjunction with your assessments, this section helps you understand the material provided from the assessor's perpective.

Assessor Training Module Four
Working with the Privacy Act

Understand the Privacy Act and how it relates to supplying information about candidate assessments.

66.70 KB
Assessor Observation
Checklist for practical assessment

Please complete this form including details of the person that observes you managing an assessment

62.60 KB
Assessment Record
Detailed summary of assessment

When you assess your candidate use this form as a record of the procedure

The following assessments are available when you purchase this course:-

Train the Assessor

This assessment is to determine you are competent to assess other people on SmartHS training courses